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The ultimate outcome for both of us is fun!

"Gymbaroo was recommended to me by one of the girl's in my mothers group, so I started coming with Georgia when she was about 8 months old. I didn't know what to expect at first but was very impressed by the structure and objective of the class -  everything is done for a specific reason whether it be to aid development, help with motor skills and balance, relaxation! but the ulitmate outcome for both of us is FUN! Georgia loves the gym and it has been a wonderous experience to see her develop from crawling in between rungs of a ladder onthe floor for example, to now being able to climb up a ladder and over obstacles. She also enjoys the music component of the class and loves to dance. I in turn love watching her enjoying herself and being the centre of attention at times with her funny little actions! The teachers (Thank you Carolyn & Tracey) are wonderful -  not only because of their knowledge and excelletn teaching techniques, but because of the helpful parenting advice they have given me along the way. Georgia is now 20 months old and I'm always amazed and proud of the different things she achieves each week."

Judith Bailey, Concord


An Enriching and Enjoyable Experience.

"Gymbaroo has given both of my daughters an enriching and enjoyable experience. It is fun and stimulating, well organised and well run "A Must"."

Cheryl Lucas, Concord


 Gymbaroo Concord is fantastic!

"Gymbaroo has been a positive and enjoyable experience for both my children and myself. They have both progressed in the physical abilities and are much more confident in themselves. They have also made some lovely friends and enjoyed the different activities each week. Gymbaroo Condord  is fantastic."

Michelle Ginman, Concord


Gymbaroo is a fun filled and exciting way of learning.

"I have a 3yr and a 1yr and have been using Gymbaroo since my 1st baby was 4nths old. In this time I have seen how Gymbaroo has helped my girl's develop lots of skills, participate in many different activities and interact with others. The staff are very friendly, helpful and knowledgable, they make Gymbaroo a very memorable experience.

Overall Gymbaroo is a fun filled and exciting way of Learning."

Marisa Pirto, Concord


Gymbaroo has not only captured my children's imagination and hearts, but mine also.

"As a new mother I enrolled at Gymbaroo to gain confidence in handling my child, to learn about child development and fun activities I could do at home, as part of our regular play activities.

What a wonderful, fun and stimulating world we entered. For the last two years, Carolyn and the Concord Gymbaroo Team have made our weekly Gymbaroo sessions our favourite activity of the week. My second child now attends Gymbaroo and has a lovely time.

Gymbaroo has not only captured my children's imaginations and hearts, but mine also. All of the activities, be it Mat time, singing or dancing, free play on the qym equipment are a fun world of discovery. Backed by research and development information designed to help support the improtance of early childhood development. The Best thing is we bring Gymbaroo home with us by practising activities and singing and dancing along to Gymbaroo CD's.

My eldest child is a confident 2yo who is eager to have fun and discover. Gymbaroo has certainly helped her with this development and my 7 mth old is well on his way to matching his sister and he has just as much fun.

Gymbaroo has really helped my have fun with parenting and to crate a fun, sensory filled environment to help my children blossom and grow. Thank-you."

Susan Franco, Concord


I count it a privilege to be able to write a few words about Concord Gymbaroo!

"I find it fun, educational, stimulating and encourages Lukan out-side his usual boundaries, as the acitivities are always different each week.

It is the highlight of my week to have this time together with my grandson.

I have seen some of his skillls develop, and he is more able to listen and take instruction in a fun atmosphere, as well as encouraging group activity.

The leaders are very professional and do a fabulous job, sometimes under difficult circumstances each week. They are helpful and supportive of each family group."

Valerie Pade, Concord


Emma looked forward to Concord Gymbaroo every Tuesday for 2 years!

"Emma Loved climbing, swinging and bouncing on all the gym equipment and thoroughly enjoyed the music and songs. She still sings along and does the actions to her favourites at home. She also made some lovely friends in her classes.

I believe Concord Gymbaroo has generally helped emma's development, her speech, her love of music and dance and her confidence.

So when it came to enrolling her younger sister Holly, we did not think twice, and Holly loves it just as much as Emma did, especially parachute time!"

Jane, Concord


 Concord Gymbaroo is a wonderful program that my boys look forward to each week.

"They enjoy all aspects, especially the equipment and treasure bag. I have noticed the amount of confidence they have developed, not only with gross motor skills and had-eye co-ordination, but also with social skills.Concord Gymbaroo is well organised and run by Carolyn & Tracey and I would highly recommend it to anyone."

Robyn, Concord


Both my girls and I really enjoy Concord Gymbaroo.

"We really enjoy the program and I especially love the one-on-one time spent with them in the sessions. The handout information provided weekly is informative and useful."

Nowell, Concord
Concord Gymbaroo is a great combination of fun and learning.
"Both for the children and the parents. The staff are always warm and friendly and provide helpful advice on your child's development, we especially love music time!"

Danielle Symons, Concord




Two qualified instructors per class!

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