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Class Structure

At GymbaROO every song sung, every game played and every activity is specifically designed to increase your child’s capability.

How are our classes structured?

  • All programmes are age specific
  • Our programmes run over a ten-week term – and in-line with school terms
  • Each term features themes and weekly topics
  • Our weekly classes are 45 minutes long
  • Parents / carers participate in the class with their little one(s)
  • Parent are given information handouts and home activities, which extend the GymbaROO experience
  • Classes have a distinct routine which is so important for child development
  • Our classes include; free-play, mat time, equipment time, treasure bag and music
  • The structure of the lesson components alters depending on the children’s age group - the babies’ classes are considerably different than those for toddlers

Babies Class (Non-Mobile & Crawlers)
A 45-minute session of precious quality time with your baby will give you the chance to learn how to set up activities at home to help your child get a jump-start on their education and learn about their world.

The majority of our infant sessions focus on tummy time, which assists your child to gain the important sensory-motor stimulation needed for learning. General research has proved that tummy time is a vital stage to help your child to learn more about his / her environment, and about themselves.

Our classes are graded mobile (commando crawling and creeping) and non-mobile. These cover activities like movement, massage, gentle exercises, auditory activities, music / dance / rhythm, visual (eye tracking) plus a number of ideas for tummy time.

Toddler Class
Throughout each term we cover a number of areas of development - fine motor and gross motor. Our sessions offer a specific routine for your child, as well as some challenges throughout the term. A typical class includes:


• Each Gymbaroo lesson starts with 10 minutes of free explorative play on our large equipment. This is an ideal period to socialise with other children and parents. The Free-play session is followed by mat-time.


•  Mat-time starts with music and bubbles. The children and parents are then asked to sit together on the mat as a group, and together we sing a hello song.

•  Small equipment skills (balls, hoops, ropes, bean bags etc), exercises, massage and a dance will follow. Each exercise is shown and explained to you to enable you to do the same at home.

•  We have our special treasure bag time which follows the theme for the term. This is loved by the children and is important for language, social interaction, tactile experiences, imagination, and reinforces the word for the week which is quickly flashed to your child. This stimulates memory and pre-reading skills.

•  Being fully involved with the activities of your child is beneficial for all children and enhances love, security, joy and learning.

Equipment time

• Our entire Gymbaroo venue is filled with large equipment, which has been especially designed for young children.

•  The children use the equipment to practice their coordination skills like balancing, climbing, jumping, tumbling, hanging, swinging, and more.

•  The younger children can use this time as valuable exploration time. They will be experimenting with their bodies and learning about body awareness, spatial awareness and also their own personal capabilities. Our helpful teachers are always nearby to teach new skills, and offer guidance.

•  The older children will enjoy the challenge of using our circuit, and practicing new movement exercises. Our equipment circuit changes every 2 weeks to keep the challenges fresh.

•  The Gymbaroo team is always on hand to positively encourage and not force anything - this must be FUN!

Music Time

• Each session is concluded with parachute time and music.

•  Each week’s class has a musical instrument to play and dance with, and our large colourful parachute comes out for all the children to play games with, or just lie under. Then we all sing our traditional goodbye song.

•  Afterwards you and your little one leave for home with the week's word and picture for their GymbaROO scrapbook to talk about and use at home. All parents are also given information handouts on parenting skills, child development and suitable activities to do at home with their child.

Pre-Schooler / School Readiness Classes

•  This 1-hour program is aimed at kids who are ready to participate in classes independently. Here they co-operate and learn with other children, as well as interact with teachers and their peers. In a group they will take turns, follow instructions, participate and listen - all to encourage confidence and self-esteem.

•  We have designed specific circuits to further develop your child’s sensory motor skills, in order to prepare the brain for school learning. Our mat-time activities will strengthen their pre-reading skills, their math abilities, as well as hand-to-eye co-ordination.

•  All of the children are taught to respond to their teacher, and follow 3-step directions. Our Gymbaroo "Jump into Reading" program is also introduced into these classes.




Two qualified instructors per class!

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