Please be aware that Gymbaroo Marrickville has moved to its own site which can be found here. If you would like to enrol in Gymbaroo Marrickville you can find the timetable here

We are excitied to announce the arrival of our new  Mini-Gymbaroo Centre at Marrickville

We are located within Strathfield Chiropractic at Coronation Parade, South Strathfield.

What is Mini-Gymbaroo???

Mini-Gymbaroo offers the exact same BIG programmes of Gymbaroo & BabyROO- all the activities, music, parachute, exercises, massage, education, fun and learning etc.

Mini-Gymbaroo is run in a smaller space, so the gym area is smaller. You don't miss out on anything though - we just do it differently to our bigger centres.There is a specialised focused each week. But every week there is still ways to spin, roll, bounce and move, slides and ladders, tunnels, obstacle courses, balancing activities, scooter boards, sensory stations and so much more!

Here are the programmes we offer:






Two qualified instructors per class!