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About us

The GymbaROO program is aimed at guiding and educating parents in providing their children with motor development activities and sensory stimulation - all within a supportive and fun environment.

At our Concord, Strathfield (and Marrickville) GymbaROOs, parents learn how to involve their infants and babies in activities that will quip them with a sound foundation in learning and development. Within our busy schedules, these everyday activities have been lost – simple activities that can be taken home with you and your little one, and integrated back into your daily experience.

GymbaROO offers a strategic, structured ‘Parent Education Program’, which supports your ‘whole new life’ when baby arrives.

GymbaROO’s activities are not designed to speed up development. They are intended to ensure that each child / baby gains the maximum benefit from each stage of their development.

We are dependent on a good foundation at the brain stem level for the human cortical brain to read, understand the spoken language, follow and sequence information, walk, run, talk, write and spell.




Two qualified instructors per class!